Generous Donations to Hoichoi

Hoichoi’s events are supported by our collaborators, friends, and well-wishers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of them, whom we regard as our most revered partners in making our cherished events a grand success.

Hereby we would like to acknowledge their financial help by mentioning them below.

Sunita Nath

Thanks a lot to Mrs Sunita Nath, for donating all the way from Kolkata. Thanks a lot for your contribution and support.

Debadarshi and family

Sponsored puja item for Durga Puja 2019:
– অষ্টমীর মিষ্টি – Ashtami puja sweets
– অষ্টমীর সন্ধি পূজা – Ashtami Sandhi puja
– অষ্টমীর ফুল – Ashtami puja flowers
– অষ্টমীর নৈবেদ্য ও ভোগ – Bhog for Maa Durga (Ashtami)

Shayani Sahu

Sponsored puja item for Durga Puja 2019:
– নবমীর মিষ্টি – Nabami puja sweets