Fundraising for Amphan victims

Friends, in midst of this COVID situation, Bengal and Odisha are struck by one of the deadliest storms – Amphan. Many households are devastated, many lives lost. Hoichoi, as a responsible social organization, is made an attempt to stand beside the victims of this devastation. We could collect a substantial donation amount from this fundraising, which will be donated for the people in need of help. We would like to thank everyone of you for standing beside us in this sincere attempt to do something for our home state. Our kindness and empathy would definitely bring a smile in someone’s face.

Hoichoi will be channelizing the funds to the following NGO’s that we believe in. We personally have checked these organizations, talked to their representatives; so we are confident that the funds will be channelized in the right way and will help the cause directly.

#PrayForBengal #PrayForOdisha