Fundraising for COVID victims

We all are aware of the persisting tragic and alarming situation regarding Covid-19 in India including West Bengal. Our aim is to come together as one group, representing the Bengali Diaspora in the Netherlands and garner support for West Bengal. If we all collectively are able to save even a few hundred lives, it is worth our efforts!

Hoichoi, as a responsible social organization, is making an attempt to stand beside the victims of this devastation. We could collect a substantial donation amount from this fundraising, which will be donated for the people in need of help. We would like to thank everyone of you for standing beside us in this sincere attempt to do something for our home state. Our kindness and empathy would definitely bring a smile in someone’s face.

Hoichoi will be channelizing the funds via the below collaborations. We personally have checked these organizations, talked to their representatives; so we are confident that the funds will be channelized in the right way and will help the cause directly.

  • SETU with ground volunteers of Judge Bagan recreation unit, Kolkata. They have already started an interim covid 19 relief centre with operational 8 beds and oxygen cylinder and initial 4 number oxygen concentrator with doctor and nurses, housekeeping and emergency and basic medicine along with saline and IV facility & our own ambulance at our club premises . In this context we have named the centre name as “JBRU Covid 19 interim relief centre”.
  • Indo Dutch Care Foundation, an initiative of some like-minded people from the Indian diaspora in the Netherlands, is actively involved in the process of procuring 10 Philips Oxygen Concentrators which will be shipped directly to the nodal officer from the Department of Health and Family Welfare, West Bengal.

Thanks to all who contributed for the COVID fundraising organized by us. Online donation is now closed.

For the time being, Hoichoi agreeded with SETU to keep the fundraising collection on hold. The plan is to spent the amount to setup a relief camp in the event of the probable third wave.