Chaat Cafe – Our Stall Partner for Poila Boishakh 2018

Tired of thinking what to cook everyday? Call ChaatCafe today and enjoy new healthy recipes every week!

An organization started by 3 friends from India with different cultures. This initiative was taken to reintroduce Indian food in the west by retaining its authenticity. Living away from India, we miss authentic Indian food joints and this is what ChaatCafe aims to fulfil. So, when you think of them, they promise you tasty homemade Indian food, chaats, snacks and sweets at its best! At ChaatCafe, they reinforce the traditional saying of Indian food to be the most delicious, healthy and forms a well-balanced diet for everyone. Indian herbs, spice combinations and flavors have always stood out!

Please try their weekly menus and help them serve you better. ChaatCafe promises quality, quantity and variety. Please visit this link to contact them.

We would like to thank them for helping us with a cause. Looking forward to continue this relationship in long term.